Information has nowadays become a business commodity invaluable for business profitability and competitiveness, as well as for a company’s sustainability and viability. Better captured, this commodity’s value can be estimated in relation to losses or foregone gains arising from a system breakdown caused by natural disaster (earthquake, flood, fire) or even by human error. The design, implementation and testing of contingency plans ensures a firm’s uninterrupted and continuous flow of operation while mitigating any adverse consequences brought about by a potential stoppage of activities. Even under “extraordinary” circumstances or events, a successful BCS will assist and support the business recoverability, ensuring the availability of critical operations. By so doing, BCS safeguards the company’s brand name, reputation and market share

JCC PAYMENT SYSTEMS LTD, committed to supporting and enhancing their clients’ operability and recognizing the significance of infallible information systems’ performance, has launched a complete BCS package for guaranteed preparedness against information system disruptions, due to natural disaster or other causes.

Main advantages:

  • Financially attractive solutions with a lump-sum annual fee.
  • Large data capacity and availability.
  • Data-system recovery, in line with the firm’s/organisation’s business policy.
  • Disaster recovery and continuation of operations from the backup site.
  • System-recovery drills, at a client-determined frequency.
  • Remote digital data backup with guaranteed security and speedy retrieval.
  • Technical and procedural staff training.
  • Technical assistance.

The business-recovery site is located in a building uniquely-designed and constructed to house systems, software and information deemed critical for a firm’s continuation of operations. The building provides an anti-seismic structure of high structural rigidity, flood-evasion systems, as well as a series of security measures, such as:

  • 24x7 security-guard supervision of site and random patrols.
  • Digital Video Recording surveillance.
  • Second security service of distance surveillance.
  • Access-control system.
  • Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) and telecommunication-systems availability.

We gladly welcome the opportunity to demonstrate our business continuity and recovery solutions and to put forward a tailor-made proposition which will meet the business and operational needs of your firm.

For more information please contact:
- Christos Patzinakos,, (+357) 22 868 000
- Christos Constantinides,, (+357) 22 868 000

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