Setup an Ecommerce Merchant Account

  1. The merchant has to complete the request-proposal form and send it to Please read first the list with JCC’s restricted type of business.
  2. JCC will review a merchant’s business and a financial proposal will be sent to the merchant.
  3. If the merchant accepts the proposal JCC will send all the required documents that should be completed for the ecommerce account.
  4. After the financial proposal is accepted the merchant's web developer should contact the ecommerce department for the technical details. Please note that a web developer's assistance is needed only if the application is for an online account for JCC Payment gateway.

Setup a Web Developer (Test) Account

  1. The web developer should complete the two documents as below and send them by post to JCC ecommerce department.
    1. Application form: signed and stamped by the web developer
    2. Confidentiality agreement: two original copies signed and stamped by the web developer. The initials are required on every page of the documents and one of them, signed by JCC, will be returned to the address that will be submitted in the application form.
  2. A test account will be created and the required documents and test credentials will be sent to the web developer. 
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