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This is JCC’s payment portal for online bill payments, subscriptions and fees. Its purpose is to facilitate and develop electronic commerce in Cyprus by providing integrated solutions tailored to each organisation, through a secure environment.

JCC smart, the portal of JCC and the banks, is designed to facilitate online payments to organisations in Cyprus through the provision of state of the art custom made solutions. JCCsmart checkout is a Total Quality Process provided by JCC to facilitate these online payments.

Our JCC smart solution offers  the following:

  • Total Quality standard or custom-made solutions to organisations in order to meet their requirements, including immediate online communication with their databases as in the case of the Road Tax Department.

JCC smart software offers the following to all registered merchants:

  • Provides a tool that reduces the set up of a web page to a matter of some clicks for bill-payments acceptance through the internet.
  • Provides a tool that makes the set up of a web page a matter of some clicks for Electronic-Invoices-Payments acceptance through the internet.
  • Enables the merchant to send invoices by email and the customers to pay those invoices with just one click. Issuing invoices and collecting payments securely through JCC smart checkout is as simple as sending an email.
  • Single Sign On (SSO) for all registered merchants and users in Cyprus.
  • Enables mail orders and telephone orders with a unique id for all registered merchants in Cyprus.
  • Offers maximum assurance to users by providing a simple, fast and fully secure checkout process.
  • Makes payments possible from the branches of all the banks in Cyprus.
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