The JCCgift service offers JCC merchants the opportunity to offer Gift card services to their customers, through an innovative platform based on the JCC POS terminals. Gift cards replace the paper-based vouchers allowing flexibility to merchants and their customers.
A Gift card looks like a common credit card, however it can be personalised with the merchant’s logo and design. Customers can purchase the card from the merchant and load it with the desired amount. The card can then be given as a gift and be used at any outlet of the specific merchant. Gift cards have become increasingly popular as they relieve the donor of selecting a specific gift.

A Gift card scheme offers you (the merchant) a number of benefits, including:

  • Money up front for a future purchase.
  • Attracting new customers (the Gift card recipients) into their stores.
  • People redeeming the Gift card usually tend to spend more than the original Gift card balance.
  • When a Gift card is redeemed, a small balance usually remains unspent on the card. If this balance is not spent at a later date, you are left with an extra profit.
  • Reduced loss from returns. When a customer returns merchandise, you have the option of offering a refund in the form of a Gift card, ensuring that the value of the return stays with your business.
  • Can be used internally as an incentive tool. Businesses have found that giving such cards as incentives or bonuses encourage employees to work harder, and provide for greater company satisfaction.
  • Free advertising. Your company’s logo and marketing message is printed on every Gift card sold. This is a form of advertising that your customers carry in their wallet or purse every day.
  • Reduced loss from theft and fraud. Paper certificates are easily copied or altered. They are susceptible to theft, and must be kept secured, like cash. Gift cards have no value until they are activated, and have a unique ID number.
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