Doing e-commerce? Do it right with JCC.
If you have an online business, you need a straight-forward check-out experience your customers trust, with the flexibility to handle all your growing needs. JCCgateway offers online retailers like you a simpler, faster way for their customers to shop and pay with 24-hour transaction maintenance that has become the industry standard.

Premium Business Features

3D Secure fraud protection

3D Secure fraud protection

Keep your transactions safe with 3D Secure technology for Visa, Mastercard and American Express.
Real-time transaction reports

Real-time transaction reports

Know who’s buying what and when with JCC's around-the-clock access to real-time account activity.
Mobile-friendly check-out

Mobile-friendly check-out

Eliminate abandoned check-out carts with a responsive mobile check-out experience.

More premium business features

JCCgateway comes with a suite of free online payment tools that make your check-out experience even better.

  • Automated, real-time billing, including multiple billings
  • Multi-currency processing
  • Batch processing
  • Comprehensive reporting options
  • 3D Secure authentication and advanced rules-based fraud protection
  • Remote acceptance of payments through Pay-by-link and QR Pay
  • Tokenisation
  • PCI DSS compliance
  • Customisable check-out
  • Compatibility with all major credit and debit cards
  • Compatibility with e-wallets
  • Instalments
  • Dynamic Currency Conversion
  • Subscriptions
  • Test account feature lets you try your account before you go live
  • 24/7 support

Merchant check-out solutions

JCCgateway Check-out

JCCgateway Check-out

JCCgateway Checkout is a good solution for merchants who have online shops that don’t accept online payments. With JCCgateway Checkout, merchants don’t need to worry about PCI compliance either.

Using JCCgateway Checkout is simple.

  1. Merchants enter their payment information into the JCCgateway payment engine.
  2. The system generates a payment checkout page where cardholders submit their card details.
  3. Once the details are submitted, the system authorises the transaction and redirects the user back to the merchant’s page to complete the transaction.


  • Quick and easy integration with websites
  • No extra software needed
  • Compatible with any device
  • Responsive checkout page
  • 3D Secure authentication
  • Multilingual checkout (Greek and English)
  • Branded check-out pages
  • Payment by instalments for specific card numbers.
  • Real-time payment processing
  • Cardholders’ sensitive data collected and stored by JCC
  • Reduces PCI scope with a simplified PCI certification via SAQ A
  • Multiple checkout plugins available for free
  • Dedicated documentation page for developers and integrators
  • Sandbox account available in real time for free
JCCgateway Integrated Check-out

JCCgateway Integrated Check-out

JCCgateway Integrated Checkout is perfect for PCI-DSS-compliant merchants who have an online shop and want to accept payments directly on their websites without going through JCCgateway’s checkout page. Integrated Checkout also allows merchants to have full control over the design of their checkout pages for a personalised customer check-out experience.

Using JCCgateway Integrated Checkout is simple.

  1. To make a purchase, cardholders enter their card details on the merchant’s website or e-shop.
  2. JCCgateway receives the data and authorises the transaction in a fully secure environment.
  3. Once the transaction is authorised, users are redirected back to the merchant’s website to complete the transaction.


  • Easy and fast integration with websites
  • No extra software needed
  • 3D Secure authentication
  • Fewer abandoned carts because customers never leave merchant websites
  • Fully customisable check-out pages
  • Supports payments with tokens, minimising PCI compliance requirements
Direct Payment API

Direct Payment API

Integrating with our Direct Payment API is the best solution for businesses that want full control over their checkout page design and flow. With our Direct Payment API, merchants can accept payments either via their website or mobile devices, or through their own accounting or CRM system.

Using JCC’s Direct Payment API is simple. Payments are completed on merchant websites or mobile applications without redirection to our checkout page. You simply collect the payment details on your website or app and JCC handles the transaction processing securely.


  • Full control of check-out page experience
  • Payments via mobile applications
  • Payments with tokens, minimising PCI compliance requirements
  • Suitable for wallet solutions
  • Back-end integration
Batch Processing

Batch Processing

If you need to process multiple transactions at once, have monthly recurring transactions or a subscription-based business, JCC Batch Processing can save you valuable time and money. With JCC Batch Processing, files are prepared by the merchant manually or automatically using any programming language. No user interaction is required once batch processing is underway.


  • Real-time transaction authorisations
  • User-friendly user interface
  • Compatible with any web device with internet access
  • No integration with third-party systems required
  • Multiuser access with the option for different user permissions
  • Multiple transaction types (authorisation, purchase, refund, reversal, etc.)
  • Real-time web-based file status monitoring
  • Results files generation and merchant notification
  • Token payments minimise PCI compliance requirements
Acceptance of remote payments

Acceptance of remote payments

If you need to accept payments remotely then you can create and share payment links or QR codes with your customers via SMS, email, messaging apps, social media or any other channel and get paid instantly.

Pay-by-link and QR Pay features

  • With Pay-by-link and QR Pay, any mobile device becomes a checkout point
  • Payment link/QR code can be activated for a specific time period, or it may never expire
  • Choose whether the payment link/QR code contains a fixed amount or if customer can define the amount
  • Easy and fast setup without developments
  • User-friendly dashboard for creating and managing payment links
  • Enable predefined data (name, email, pone etc.) to be collected at the time of checkout or add custom fields
Get started with JCCgateway today
Get started with JCCgateway today