Submission and Handling of Customers’
Complaints Procedure
Submission and Handling of Customers’ Complaints Procedure
At JCC our aim is to provide high-quality service levels to our customers that meet their expectations. If, for any reason, you are not fully satisfied with any of our services, please inform us the soonest possible.

All complaints are investigated the soonest possible and we try to find satisfying solutions. At the same time, we shall take measures to avoid the reoccurrence of similar problems in the future.

Customers' complaints are highly important to us because they help us improve the quality of our service.
Information on how to submit a complaint
We suggest that you contact JCC call centre to resolve the issue directly, prior to submitting your complaint. If this is not feasible, then you may use one of the following methods in order to submit your complaint:

1. By phone
Through our Call Centre Line, (Tel: 22868000). The Call Centre Line is a 24-hours service and it operates daily (24/7). All calls are being recorded.

2. In Writing
To the mailing address of JCC:
JCC Payment Systems Ltd
Customer Complaints Function
PO BOX 21043
1500 Nicosia

3. Via Internet
You may send us your complaint to the following email address: or by submitting the “web form” below.

When a complaint is submitted, it is essential that you include the following important information:

  • Full name
  • Merchant number given by JCC (if it concerns merchant registered with JCC)
  • Merchant name (if it concerns merchant registered with JCC)
  • Telephone Number
  • Detailed description of your complaint
Investigation into your complaint
We will forward your complaint directly to the relevant JCC department in order to be resolved the soonest possible.
Once we received your complaint we will respond within 15 days.

If more time is required for the investigation of your complaint, we will let you know through an acknowledgment letter.

Our aim is to reply the soonest possible, not later than one month from the date of the receipt of your complaint.
If you are not satisfied with our response to your complaint
If you are not satisfied with our proposed solution and/or the actions we took for the resolution of your complaint, or if one month has passed since the date of receipt of your complaint and you have not received a response, you have the right to submit your complaint to the Financial Ombudsman within four months from the date you received our response or from the date we should have responded to you.

The complaint can be submitted to the Financial Ombudsman in one of three (3) ways:

(a) By hand or by post to the address 13 Lordou Vironos Avenue, 1096 Nicosia or P.O. Box 25735, 1311 Nicosia

(b) By facsimile (fax) to 22-660584 or to 22-660118

(c) By electronic mail (e-mail) to the address:

Complaints can also be submitted via the Online Dispute Resolution Platform (ODR) via the link ( The Online Dispute Resolution Platform (ODR) allows consumers, businesses and Alternative Dispute Resolution Entities (ADR) to submit, respond and manage online disputes.

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