JCC is an EU Qualified Trust Service Provider providing Qualified Electronic Seal​

What is an eSeal?​
An Electronic Seal, also known as an eSeal, is an electronic signature that is associated with a legal entity (business or organization) and can be used by more than one person within the legal entity. To generate an eSeal, a legal entity needs to be vetted and authenticated through a third party or through a remote identity verification process. An eSeal can be used to automatically sign large volumes of documents (bulk signing), such as invoices or educational transcripts, through an accredited digital signing solution. Electronic Seals authenticate the identity of the entity and the integrity of the document.

What types of eSeals do we offer?​

  • JCC offers two methods of electronic seals compliant with the EU Regulation 910/2014 (eIDAS):​
    • USB Qualified Electronic Seal
    • Remote Qualified Electronic seal
  • While different levels of electronic seal may be appropriate in different contexts, only “qualified” electronic seals are explicitly recognized to have the equivalent legal effect of “traditional” seals in every member of the European Union.
Benefits of Remote Qualified eSeal​
  • Transformative customer experience, making validation convenient and inexpensive
  • Automatic / no human effort​
  • Verification in minutes rather than days​
  • Compliant with requirements for Know Your Customer (KYC),
  • Anti-Money Laundering (AML), regional regulations such as GDPR​
  • Cost efficient (no need for printing & hardcopy archiving costs)​
  • Assures that the document has not been altered​
  • Assures that the signer is who they say they are​
  • Assures with auditability and time-stamping that the document is legally valid​
  • Bulk Signing numerous documents automatically

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