Show your customers you care
JCC offers a completely automated way to reward your frequent customers and it’s only a click away. Once you start your JCCloyalty scheme, your customers simply log in to their JCCsmart account and click on the JCCloyalty link to see how many points they’ve collected. Best of all, you don’t even need to issue a card. Your JCC Loyalty points are loaded directly onto your customers’ credit or debit cards.

Why JCC Loyalty?

No extra cards required!

No extra cards required!

You don’t need to give your loyal customers another piece of plastic to show them you care. That’s why all of your JCCloyalty points are loaded straight onto their loyalty account. When your customers want to redeem their points, they simply use their bank cards at your register.


Your loyalty points are loaded onto your customers’ loyalty account automatically, so you don’t have to spend any time learning how to use another complicated app or training somebody to do it for you.
Personalised loyalty schemes

Personalised loyalty schemes

Target the kind of customers you’d like to see more of, reward your customers on their birthdays, segment your audiences and more with JCCloyalty’s highly customised loyalty schemes.

With JCCloyalty, you can also:

  • Collect valuable customer transaction-data for your ad campaigns
  • Run targeted promotions to boost your profits
  • Advertise your offers online on to spread the word
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