Laws on the Certification and Collection of Taxes of 1978 until (Νο.3) of 2021. Decree based on article 30A(3).

Frequently asked questions on the card acceptance decree. If you need further assistance, JCC’s customer service team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Where can we find the decree as it has been published in the Official Government Gazette?
You can download the decree from here [GR].
How can we find out if our business falls into one of the categories that the decree obliges to also accept card transactions?
The Annex included in the decree defines the companies that are obliged to comply with the law based on their activity.
Will there be any sanctions on businesses that do not comply with the decree within the given timeframes?
Businesses that will not comply with their obligations in relation to the acceptance of card payments will be subject to financial penalties. The law provides for the imposition of a fine on violators, up to €4000. In case a violation is found by the company, the Government Official is obliged within five working days to submit a report to the Tax Officer, who within 15 days will have to decide whether to impose an administrative fine. In case the offender fails to pay the fine, the Tax Officer takes legal action and collects the amount due as a civil debt due to the Republic.
What are the available card acceptance methods for our business?
For face-to-face transactions we can offer you wired internet (TCP/IP) POS terminals, wireless POS terminals that communicate through the mobile telecommunications network (with or without a built-in printer) and our JCC SoftPOS app that is compatible with Android (NFC-enabled) devices.

For remote transactions we can create a profile for your business on our popular payment portal JCCsmart, through which you can also create and send payment requests (pay-by-link) to your customers via email or sms. Furthermore for transactions through your website we can offer you the online checkout options provided by JCCgateway.

Currently our company accepts payments through alternative means such as credit transfer, direct debit and e-banking. Are these options considered card acceptance terminals under the decree?
No, according to the decree, these alternative service channels are not considered card acceptance terminals.
How should we inform our customers that our business accepts card payments as well?
Upon delivery of the card acceptance terminal, JCC will provide you with decals of the international card schemes which you will need to place at the entrance of your business or next to the cash register, thus informing your customers that you also accept card payments.
Are we required to purchase the card acceptance terminal (POS)?
No, the JCC POS terminals are only offered through a rental arrangement and are not available for sale.
Which cards can we accept through the JCC payment systems?
You can accept transactions with all credit, debit and prepaid cards bearing the logos of the international card schemes VISA, Mastercard, American Express, Diners Club International, China Union Pay and JCB.
How can we be informed about the commissions applied by JCC and also the cost of renting the card acceptance terminals?
You can call us at 22868000 or send us your details by filling out the below form and we will contact you.
Are there any restrictions on the banks to which JCC can credit the proceeds from the card transactions?
JCC allows its merchants to use their existing current accounts, regardless of the local bank they belong, for the crediting of the proceeds from card transactions.
When does JCC credit its merchants' bank accounts with the proceeds of the card transactions?
JCC credits its merchants’ bank accounts the next business day.
Apart from the commission for the acceptance of card payments applied by JCC per type and origin of the card used, are there any other hidden charges?
No “hidden” charges apply whatsoever. JCC credits your current account daily with the amounts of the card transactions you perform minus the commission which is in the form of a percentage (%) on the amount of each transaction.
We are interested in cooperating with JCC. What do we have to do to obtain a merchant account?
1. Download and complete the application form
2. Sign, stamp and submit the application form along with the required documentation to
We would like a JCC customer service representative to contact us and guide us through the required steps. How can we ask for this?
Fill in your details in the below form and a JCC representative will contact you.
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