What is an eID?​
The Electronic Identity is an official tool of the state for the identification of the citizen's details and the carrying out of electronic transactions with security and legal validity. In other words, it is the electronic passport of the citizen in the digital world, as the biometric identity is in the physical world. In addition, it also ensures the use of an approved electronic signature for signing digital documents with security and legal validity.
How do I obtain an eID?​

Why do I need an eID?​

  • The Authentication Certificate constitutes the identity of the citizen in the digital world, as with its use the citizen will be able to authenticate and access information systems and electronic services, such as the CY Login Government Portal.​
  • Through the Qualified Certificate for Electronic Signature, the citizen can digitally sign documents with the highest security and legal validity.
Where can I use it ?​
Electronic signatures can be used in a variety of situations. As their legal effects are equivalent to the ones of handwritten signatures, qualified electronic signatures can be used in any situation, even cross-border, where handwritten signatures are used, such as:
(sales, employment, lease, insurance, etc.)​
(Audited Financial Statements, online banking, etc.)​
Administrative procedures
(tax declarations, requests for birth certificates, etc.)​

Difference between Qualified Certificate and eID?​

  • Electronic ID is provided only for Cypriot citizens with a valid biometric ID
  • ​Qualified Certificate is provided for any individual with a valid passport or ID