General FAQs

If you’re having a problem with your account, take a look at our General FAQs first. We may have a solution for you. If you need further assistance, JCC technical support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Where can I find the number of my Point of Sale (POS) terminal?
You can find your POS terminal number at the top of any sales receipt. The number starts with 00xxxxx-xx-x-xx (12 digits). For VeriFone models, press the second key from the left below the screen. For Ingenico models, press the arrow down key.
How can I receive statements for a specific period?
Please call our 24-hour helpline.
How can I sent my daily transactions?
Daily (batch) transactions cannot be sent automatically. You must send them manually.

For Verifone models:

Select Batch -> Batch transmit
Enter the 4-digit password
Select transmit batch
Keep the printout for your records

For Ingenico models:

Press Button F1
Select 1 (“close batch”)
Enter the 4 digit-password
Keep the printout for your records

How can I obtain my Merchant Service Charges (MSCs)?
Please call our 24-hour helpline.
How can I perform offline transactions when the POS terminal cannot communicate with JCC?
The offline functionality can be enabled remotely on JCC’s Retail POS terminal(s) upon agreement between JCC and the merchant.

Once this functionality is activated on the POS terminal in order to perform an offline transaction please follow the below steps on the JCC POS terminal:
1. Select “SALE”
2. Select “OFFLINE”
3. When prompted to “ENTER PASSWORD”, enter the confidential merchant password (usually known only by supervisors) followed by the green button
4. When prompted to “ENTER AMOUNT IN EUR”, enter the transaction amount followed by the green button
5. Insert/swipe the card in the POS terminal
6. When prompted to enter “AUTH NUMBER”, enter the current date in the format DDMMYY (or any other 6-digit number you wish to have as a reference for these offline transactions) followed by the green button
7. When prompted, remove the card from the reader and return it to the customer along with his/her copy of receipt

Important Note
Offline Transactions are to be performed at the merchant’s own risk considering that these may be disputed by the cardholders.

Need help?
Call our 24-hour helpline.
22 868 000 (FROM CYPRUS)
215 520 5600 (FROM GREECE)
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