Don't settle for second best
We offer our local and international clients the most comprehensive and secure card issuer solutions on the market. The JCC Card Management System (CMS) supports all types of cards, from credit and debit to prepaid, co-branded, loyalty, with guaranteed security.

Card issuing solutions

JCC offers issuing firms around the world flexible, reliable, user-friendly card issuing solutions. Our card management services include:

  • Card application handling
  • Card creation, replacement and renewal
  • Authorisations
  • Transaction clearing
  • PIN mailer generation
  • Generation of statements and letters
  • Generation of reports and statistics
  • 24/7 customer support call centre for reporting lost or stolen cards
  • Chargeback support

Card personalisation services

The card business is constantly evolving, and so are its needs. JCC keeps on top of the latest industry trends so we can offer our clients the most secure, fast, accurate and hassle-free service and customer care on the market.

JCC’s Card Personalisation Centre has been operating in Cyprus since January 2005. The Centre provides magnetic and smart card (EMV) personalisation for both financial (Visa & Mastercard) and non-financial (Healthcare, Loyalty, Gift) cards for customers in Cyprus and abroad.

JCC’s Card Personalisation Centre is certified by Visa & Mastercard and complies with the industry’s highest physical and logical security requirements (PCI Card Production Requirements). JCC's Card Personalisation Centre has also been certified with the ISO 27001 standard for Information Security since 2007.

JCC CPC provides a wide range of services, which include:

  • Chip Data preparation
  • Chip Card Personalization – Contact & Dual Interface
  • Magnetic Stripe Card Encoding
  • Supported Printing Methods: Embossing, Indent, Thermal & Laser
  • Card Mailing and Enveloping (including max 3 inserts)
  • Secure Card Storage & Insurance
  • Card Stock Management
  • Special handling of premium card products
  • Secure transportation - Locally
  • EMV Consulting
  • Disaster Recovery Services
JCC can offer total fraud protection—from risk alerts and 3D Secure payer authentication to neural and AI-based fraud prevention technologies.